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Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate you stopping by and reading about the content I have written. I write about leadership, business administration, digital marketing, strategy and planning, management, technology, cybersecurity, education, and personal development.

I aim to help you perform better and excel using my tips, reviews, and insights. My articles are based on my opinions, experiences, and research. I hope you find them valuable and interesting. Feel free to comment and share your feedback, or message me!

How it all Started

My career in technology started during high school when I received my first employment offer with Verizon Communications in their data technology center. I was introduced to the huge rows of computer towers and tape backup machines. The work shifts were great and the atmosphere was nice. I enjoyed that job but ended up enlisting in the United States Navy and was forced to quit and move on to my next job. Time to travel!!

United States Navy

United States Navy Logo
United States Navy Logo

Joining the U.S. Navy was amazing! My first duty station was aboard the U.S.S. PELELIU LHA-5 in Long Beach, California. This was my first time in California and absolutely loved it. While in the Navy, I traveled not only to California but to other countries that include the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates. After returning to California and completing my enlistment contract, the travel bug hit me and I wanted to travel more.


University of Central Florida college logo
University of Central Florida logo

I returned to Tampa, Florida, my hometown after exiting the Navy. I attend college immediately upon my return, intending to return back to the Navy as an officer. Being an officer is equivalent to being a manager in the civilian world. After seeing the jobs that the officers did, I wanted to do that. To be an officer in the military, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I attended the University of Central Florida where I received my bachelor’s degree.

Upon graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, I ended up getting married and we decided to continue living in Tampa, FL close to our friends and family. My first job out of college was teaching animation at a local college, the International Academy of Design.


My first business venture started after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in 3D Computer Animation from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL in December of 1999. In the first quarter of 2000, I started a production company called Tri-Dimensional Studios. As the director of operations, program, product, creative services, and education I built this start-up business that was driven by an amazing team that included sales, accounting, production, front office, IT, and education departments.

The production team was capable of creating digital product assets using 2D and 3D animation software and supporting computer graphics, video, and audio software. The team was capable of creating visual effects elements combined with computer graphics, and scripting languages like Python, and integrating live-action video footage, photography, voiceovers, and audio soundtracks to create award-winning visual works of art and eye candy. These digital products were created for production companies, business marketing campaigns, educational content, sales channels, design projects, websites, television series and commercials, direct-to-video, and more.

We also offered corporate training services, teaching professionals, hobbyists, and artists how to create the same type of digital products that the studio was creating. This company was so amazing and fun to run and manage! My teams won several trophies for the work we created. In 2001, I learned how to rank the company website high in the Google search engine. I learned the ends and outs of SEO and SEM. I ranked our company website on the first page of Google. However, in 2008 it all came to an end and I was forced to close down my business due to the economic downturn.

During the economic downturn, I started a remote training company in 2009. Using my knowledge of SEO and SEM, again I was able to rank my company website on the first page of Google. My training company delivered 3D animation training to corporate training centers and individual corporate professionals and hobbyists at their place of business or remotely using video conferencing software that allowed students to interact with the instructor’s computer and the instructor to interact with the student’s computer in real-time.

I ran this computer for a few years but found myself getting burnt out and ready for the corporate world, where I didn’t have to wear as many hats… eg.. doing multiple jobs and working long hours. I was ready to focus on one area of business working corporate hours.

Back to the Corporate World

In mid-2010, I accepted a full-time teaching position at a private college in Orlando, FL on the back lot of Universal Studios. This school is called the Digital Animation and Visual Effects school or DAVE for short. This too was a fun and amazing job as you would expect, taking my lunch break the riding the Harry Potter, Hulk, or Dueling Dragons roller coasters! However, I wanted to get back into management and didn’t see this opportunity at this or any other school without furthering my education. A Master’s degree was required to teach at a university.

I enjoyed teaching and I hope to teach again in the future but I didn’t want to go back to college to get another degree. I felt like I was at a dead-end and stuck working at mid-level. This isn’t what I wanted and I wasn’t comfortable settling in. I realized that the only way to reach the higher-level goals that I had set for myself, including getting back to the level of running the business operations and managing product development and teams, I didn’t have much of a choice.

Back to College

University of South Florida, MUMA College of Business logo
University of South Florida, MUMA College of Business logo

In January 2014, I enrolled back in college at the University of South Florida for a Master’s degree in technology for Management of Information Systems. My goal was to complete this graduate degree and become a technology manager in the corporate world. In May 2016, I was hired by General Motors in their technology innovation center in Austin, TX as an engineer. This was the opportunity I was waiting for and I was very excited. My goal was to move up from a marketing technology engineer working on big brand e-commerce websites as quickly as possible based on my experience and knowledge, and after completing my degree.

However, things happened and I was dropped from my graduate program for taking some time off to move from Florida to Texas and get settled into my new career. The degree program wasn’t fully online and now I was considered an out-of-state resident which meant, double the tuition costs. I wasn’t able to afford these higher tuition costs, even with student loans. The same applied in Texas until I became a state resident for tuition purposes.

In 2017 I was promoted to Marketing IT Project Manager and was working on some really interesting and cool high-budget marketing technology projects. Things were going well but not as quickly as I had hoped. I was ready to get back to completing the remaining seven classes of my master’s degree to complete my goals. Unfortunately, things do not always work out the way you plan them in your mind or on paper.

In late 2018 my job at GM ended with massive employment layoffs. The IT transformation was completed and the company no longer needed as many IT professionals. It was looking like I was going back to my 2012 situation. The no Master’s degree and no management jobs situation.

Family Time and the Brutal Job Hunting

After my job ended at GM, I decided to take some time off from work to relax and enjoy my family more. I spent the next four years hanging out with my family and friends and working a few short-term jobs. During this time, I worked a contract job at Facebook in Austin, TX. After the contract ended, I continued searching for jobs. After spending this time with my family and friend, my goals were changing. I decided that I wanted to work for myself. I had a few business ideas that I wanted to work on but, these business ideas would take a while to get up and running.

Working Remotely Online

During the time I spent at home with my family and friends, I realized how much I enjoyed working on the computer again. The pandemic hit in 2020 and during that time, I tried my luck at starting several online businesses. After all, I had plenty of time, and most businesses didn’t require too much time or money to start.

I tried online games, watching videos for money, surveys… what a waste of time!! I didn’t make more than a few dollars and spent a lot of time working, ugh! Not for me. I then discovered Amazon FBA and Blogging types of businesses. However, Amazon FBA seemed like a lot of work in a new area that I was not familiar with and might require a lot of start-up capital, which I didn’t have. I looked into Blogging but after learning from other bloggers online and seeing the amount of writing involved, I wasn’t interested in writing for a living. Technology wasn’t a problem, I have built several websites in my lifetime but, I didn’t see myself as a writer.

By mid-2020 I was simply exhausted from trying to get a job. I was also tired of revising my resume for every job I applied for during these four years. I didn’t know what else to do.

Entrepreneurship Again

Streamer 07 02 email
Company Logo

In 2020 I decided it was time to start my next business venture. I started a company called Streamer, LLC. The company specializes in creating digital products and website platforms. Digital products include website development, UX, UI design, e-commerce, live-streaming video chat, monetization, blogs, SEO management consulting, and more.

Three of our products that have been completed to date include a live-streaming platform called Live Pro Cams, which is a live-streaming business professional services and live events platform for freelancers, consultants, and remote workers. The web address is

The second platform is called Live Music Cams. This platform is also a live-streaming professional services and live events platform but specifically for the music industry where musicians, singers, and instrumentalists can perform live and interact with their fans. The web address is

We have also created the blog,, to share my business resources and knowledge, my expertise, and to provide products and service reviews so customers can make the best and smartest choices.

Back to College for that Master’s Degree

University of South Florida, MUMA College of Business logo
University of South Florida, MUMA College of Business logo

In January 2022, I decided to go back to college for a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). The goal for obtaining this degree was to ensure I had all the knowledge that I needed to be more successful with my new business. I remember how hard it was starting my first company, and though I learned a lot about business running that company, I didn’t want to struggle this time with the learn-as-I-go model.

Though I didn’t think it was required, I wanted to ensure I had all the updated knowledge and toolsets I needed to be more successful. In addition, this would also open up more doors for me to be able to teach college courses again at the college level on the side. I really did enjoy teaching before!

Blogging as a Business

Kevin Scolaro, MBA logo
Kevin Scolaro, MBA logo

Blogging is a form of online content publishing that typically involves writing short, informal posts on a regular basis. Blogging can be a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, and it can also be a great way to make money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote products or services for someone else in exchange for a commission on any sales that you generate.

By blogging about products or services that you’re affiliated with, you can attract readers who are interested in learning more about those products or services. And by providing helpful and informative content, you can encourage those readers to click through to your affiliate links and make a purchase. If you provide valuable content and build up a strong reader base, you can eventually make a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

In order for bloggers to rank higher in search engines, they need to implement outstanding SEO techniques to their blogs. This will make sure that their blog posts are seen by customers who are looking for the products or services that the blogger is writing about. Luckily, I have the SEO skills necessary to rank my blog posts high and attract thousands of customers monthly. This is one of the skills that I learned back in 2001 after starting my first business and I have been using on my websites ever since.

Delivering Value

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